Суперженщины: 25 сексуальных медсестер

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Ну представьте: заболели вы, плохо вам, а тут за вами такая красота ухаживает. Кто о таком не мечтал в мучительные минуты тяжелого гриппа.

Красивых медсестер, как выяснилось, немало, некоторые из них даже получили неофициальной статус самой сексуальной медсестры в мире, как, например, красавица из Тайваня Карина Линн.

Мы нашли для вас еще 24 суперженщины, способные вас и покорить, и вылечить.

Hi,I'm here to save your life💉 #你好我是今天照顧你的護理師

Публикация от Carina Linn (@carinalinn_)

ain't no rise&grind..only grind&grind🔋🏩💉

Публикация от Kai Cyre C. (@kaicyre)

Cute enough to stop your heart, skilled enough to restart it! ❤️ #cardiotime

Публикация от Bailey Perry (@baileygperry)

We help people communicate. What's your super power? SLP 2 BE 🗣👄 #howarduniversity #gradschool

Публикация от 🇯🇲 (@kurrlie)

Yesterday marked me finishing my first week of my clinical rotation. My school has us doing 3 days a week, 12 hours each. Boy let me tell you I am tired, but my heart is so full. I always knew I wanted to be a nurse but this just confirmed it. I constantly asked myself the last three days if I was cut out to be a nurse. I have too much empathy. I felt what each patient was feeling on a deeper level than my peers. I soon realized that's what sets me apart and why nursing is truly my calling. I encountered a lot during the last three days. One thing that stands out to me is I was taking basic care of a patient. Brushing hair, oral care, etc etc. They made a comment saying «I bet this isn't why you are becoming a nurse» but it's exactly why I am! I am becoming a nurse to care for people. Nursing brings humanity to health care. This patient was so grateful that I was simply brushing their hair after being in the hospital for a week. Nursing isn't always what you see on TV. It's as simple as a conversation or helping a patient take a bath.

Публикация от Leah, Student Nurse 💉 (@nurse.leah)

Last day of her clinical rotation! Going to miss you 💓 #futurern💉 #jaanuubydrneela#cwh

Публикация от Erica Bedolla (@ericabedolla)

Sorry fellas, nursing has my heart. 💉👩🏾‍⚕️

Публикация от JAS💕 (@j.lanay)

It's the most fulfilling feeling when you begin to walk in your purpose. 🚫Do not go through life without getting in touch with your greatness✨. Do more than what you've been doing, put in more effort than you're used to putting in. 💡Read that motivational book, go back to school, apply for that job, open that business, move to a new city, take that leap of faith. Whatever it is that you are talking yourself out of doing, DO IT, because why TF not?! Work on growing yourself CONTINUOUSLY. Once you begin to work on yourself, you'll begin to expand your vision of yourself and your life. YOU are YOUR OWN greatest investment👸🏽. Nobody else is going to grind for you like you can. God gave us the gift of life, how you live your life is your gift back to God ♥️ • • • • #passion #gratitude #nurse #babesinscrubs #captainofmysoul #motivation #boss #glowup #futureentrepreneur #lawofattraction #travelnurse #girlboss

Публикация от Renee (@teal_renee)

Ready for this OB/Peds graveyard shift 👩🏻‍⚕️💉🙌🏻 #notreally

Публикация от Laura Le (@laurathle)

A c-section and two vaginal births all before lunch today🤰🏼

Публикация от Caitlyn (@cait_alexis)

Early volunteer gig... #Medic #AirForceNurse

Публикация от King IJ 👑 (@whatupcruz)

#happynursesweek #nurselife #rn #icunurse #powerhousenurses #nationalnursesweek

Публикация от Jenn, RN (@jennnny_s)

GIVEAWAY!!! This last week I shared with you all why I chose nursing. Now, I’d love for you all to share why YOU chose a career in the medical field so I have teamed up with @murse_mita and @life_threads to giveaway not 1 but 3 sets of their amazing water proof and anti-microbial scrubs!!! Here’s how you enter: 1. Like this post and tell me why you chose your career. 2. Tag 3 friends! And if they tag you back, that’s an extra entry for you! 3. Make sure you’re following myself @alexx_xox, @murse_mita and @life_threads 4. Must be a US resident Good luck everyone!!! I can’t wait to read all of your posts! Winners will be announced via stories on FRIDAY NOVEMBER 3rd. I will also add them on the post on the 3rd. 💗💗💗 —�—�—�—�—�—�—�—�—�—�—�—�—�—�—�—�– This giveaway is not affiliated with Instagram. The winners are: @futurern_isa @megfew32 @hannahtarbell

Публикация от Alex Falco (@alexx_xox)

Well I never thought this would happen, but I hit 7k followers yesterday! Inspired by @clearskindoc's introduction post, I'll go ahead and also say hello to Insta followers/friends old and new. And like her post I'll go ahead and introduce myself with 5 fun facts. 1- I never saw myself being a PA growing up, because I never knew what a PA was until I was in my undergraduate program of college! Talk about living under a rock 😂 2- I absolutely love anything pickled. You name it, i love it. Obviously pickles, but also green beans, garlic, olives, olives with garlic inside, cabbage, asparagus etc. I've even eaten pickled lemons and pickled eggs. Throw it in some vinegar and I'm all about it. Yes, that goes without saying, salt and vinegar chips are my favorite 💪🏼 3- If I didn't do healthcare, I would probably do freelance makeup and train in other beauty related services. I've loved the art of makeup ever since my mother allowed me to wear it (and even before then when I couldn't) 💄 4- Hobbies of mine include: being outdoors. A day of hiking sounds amazing to me, boating on a lake, a day trip to the beach, etc. also, I've enjoyed delving into photography, because I enjoy the aesthetics of what makes a photograph «nice». I also love to spend free time with my daughter! 5- Last but not least, I met my amazing husband in high school. We've almost known each other for literally half of our lives. Crazy! 💑 • • And now name a fun fact about yourself! Thanks for following along ❤️

Публикация от Lindsay El-Awadi, PA-C (@thatpagirl)

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   Личное дело Galahad    7 Ноября 2017, 17:27
Похоже, что кто-то тратит свое свободное время в поисках клевых цыпочек в Инстаграме.
О да, "одно кесарево и двое родов до обеда" - это круто
   Личное дело disconnect66@vk    7 Ноября 2017, 20:39

   Личное дело awesome    10 Ноября 2017, 18:31
Личное дело disconnect66@vkО, это точно лекарь Века!

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